The Adrian schools offers a well-rounded educational experience focusing on the holistic development of every student by circulating a wide array of sports at our multisport arena, performing arts, extra curricular activities and special events along with the academic curriculum.

While the Adrian foundation focuses on Cognitive and Meta-cognitive skills with increased emphasize on Every Practices of Life (EPL), imparting Greatness values to children, the Adrian Primary School (Grade I to V) follows Cambridge curriculum. Syllabus for the foundation school is authored after an exhaustive research and analysis of various curriculums and based on which the books are created from the scratch by our Team headed by Ms. Janet Ragupathy, Founder Principal. The learning process at Adrian is “Touch, Feel, Sense & Learn” and does not enforce rout learning. If not for the school, the child would least be exposed to Discipline and Ethical values, thus, at Adrian we strongly highlight the significance of these in ours and others lives. Children of Middle school (Grade VI & Grade X along with the foundation training for NEET-JEE, All entrances which prepares then for focused & determined future) follow National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for their academics supplemented by Practical cognitive sessions that would facilitate love for learning amidst the students.