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Our school transport facilities cover up to 20 kilometer radius from the school campus. The vans ply under the safety constraints, with appropriate permits and speed limits provided by the District Revenue Transport Officer. Tracking facilities are provided for the ease & convenience of parents, which provides an alarm message prior and after the pickup & drop timings respectively.

Job Description

As an educator, you will be responsible for creating a positive and engaging learning environment for students. Your primary role is to facilitate effective learning experiences, plan and deliver lessons, assess student progress, and provide constructive feedback. You will be expected to adapt teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles, integrate technology into lessons, and foster a supportive classroom community. Collaborating with colleagues, parents, and school administrators is essential to ensure a holistic approach to student development. Additionally, staying abreast of educational trends, participating in professional development, and maintaining a commitment to the academic and personal growth of each student are integral aspects of this role.

Education + Experience

  • M.B.S / M.B.A under National University with CA course complete.


  • Excellent Communication Skills are welcome
  • Love &Passion to Teach & Learn
  • Adequate Experience in CBSE are welcome.

Salary is not a constraint for deserving candidates. Mail us your resumes to For further details/doubts, contact our Administrative Secretary and Recruitment Head Ms.Dheepthi RJ at 9600442277.

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