It is our firm belief at Adrian, that our students achieve their true potential, by giving them the opportunity to balance the academics & their interests outside the class. The scope of extra & co-curricular activities at Adrian covers a wide & extensive range including club initiated activities and other inter/intra school events/competitions.

‘Our Greatest Glory is not never failing, but in rising any time we fall’. - Confusious

Learning is a life-time process and at Adrian, children are taught to have a robust environment with respect to competitions motivating them to taste victory and also rise higher from failures.

We are happy to offer around 15 different sports and co-curricular activities to the students at Adrian, viz.,


Dive into excellence with Adrian's swimming coaching – where strokes of skill meet waves of success.


Serve your way to excellence with Adrians's tennis coaching, where every swing is a step towards skill mastery and court triumph.


Unleash your cricketing potential with adrian's expert coaching, where every innings is a chance to refine skills, foster teamwork, and hit boundaries of excellence.


Unleash your potential with Adrian Athletics coaching, where every stride is a step closer to excellence.


Unleash your inner warrior with Adrian's Taekwondo coaching, where discipline meets empowerment, molding champions one kick at a time.


Master the strategic art of chess with Adrian's coaching, where every move is a step towards checkmating success.


"Unleash your creative potential with Adrian's art coaching, where strokes of inspiration meet the canvas of self-expression."

Reading Club

"Unlock the world of creativity with Adrian's Art Reading Club, where every page turns into a masterpiece and imagination knows no bounds."


"Experience the graceful fusion of art and skating in Adrain's captivating coaching sessions, where creativity meets the ice with every glide."

Foot Ball

"Adrian transforms the football field into a canvas, painting a masterpiece with every kick and goal."


"Adrian breathes life into Silambam, transforming each stroke into a mesmerizing dance of artistry and precision."


Adrian's artistry transforms dancing into a mesmerizing symphony of movement and expression.

Abacus & Vedhic Math

Adrian's artistic prowess transforms every canvas into a mesmerizing masterpiece, a visual abacus of creativity.


Embark on a musical journey with Adrian's soulful melodies, where every note becomes a gift that resonates with the heart.

Robotics & AI

Unleash the future with Adrain's Robotics & AI – where innovation meets intelligence, paving the way for a tech-driven revolution.

Math Lab

Unlock the door to mathematical excellence with Adrain's Math Lab – where learning becomes an equation for success.