Luncheon @ Adrian

Children are provided hot & healthy lunch packed with rich blend of the South Indian warmth & elegance. Cuisine is predominantly South Indian with Veggies/Poriyal/Kootu/Salads/Aviyal/Egg Curry every single day, and the main course involves Dhal (topped with Goodness of Ghee)/Sambar/Spinach Kootu etc, avoiding processed & packed ingredients (for cooking like Chilli powder, Turmeric, Pepper) and junks like Fryums/Chips are avoided, though occasionally Home-made Vadagams/Pappads on a limited quantity is provided once in a fortnight. Roti with vegetable Vegetable Sabzi/Egg Curry/Khorma is available to children once a week alongside Rice, Rasam and Curd. Desserts like home-made sweets/ Payasam are available fortnight. We appreciate that a nutritious, well balanced meal is quintessential to their growth and we work towards the same.